Thursday, June 2, 2011


For those unfamiliar with Burlington (VT) Lone Rock Point is the site of the Champlain Thrust fault, a landmark well-known to local boaters, and geologists worldwide. The exposed wall is 500 million year-old stone thrust above the younger earth one normally views.

To my good fortune a great friend hired me to work here three years ago and I've been trying not to leave since that day. For many years all I knew about Vermont was my winter life in its mountains. When I left the island (Nantucket), its beach and the ocean, I left (unfrozen) water behind as well. My life was lived above 2200' here; I knew bupkis about the lakeside lifestyle in Vermont, and hadn't splashed in fresh-sprung water much since my childhood days.

I took to the life on Lake Champlain pretty well and soon had a bike and a kayak to take full advantage of this spectacular location, 500 acres of Rock Point privacy surrounded by water and only a few miles to the center of Burlington. FLTLNDR & I come to rest here often where we are close to two of my favorite local diners (Handy's Lunch & Sadie Katz Deli). Especially convenient is the North Beach Campground (and its dumping facilities).

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